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TV Wall Mounting Installations In Bexhill

Let me introduce you to T-Smart TV – the very best in expert TV installation for Bexhill and all the surrounding areas across Kent and Sussex. Our speciality is high quality TV wall mounted installations that are absolutely ideal for any modern or period home.  Your friends and family will be so impressed with the crystal clear quality that a TV installed by the experts at T-Smart TV will provide. Whether you’re watching in High Definition (HD), 3D, 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) you’re guaranteed pure viewing pleasure. And of course by having your TV professionally fixed to the wall, you’ll get so much more space!Don’t worry that it’s going to be messy or complicated – it won’t be. Our installers and fitters are highly trained, and will take care of everything from start to finish. They’re clean and tidy too; any mess will be swiftly cleaned up and taken away – as will be the packaging. You’ll find that all employees of T-Smart TV are punctual and polite: we’ll deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently whether it be via phone or e-mail. We know how annoying it can be when other companies say they’ll get back to you – and then don’t! Everything we need to keep your home spotless is carried by our expert installers. We’ll put down dust-sheets to make sure that your furniture is kept free of dust. Inevitably, installing a wall mounted TV is going to create some mess – so all of our fitters bring a hoover and cleaning products to ensure that your home really is spick and span once the work is done!  Once we’ve left, all you need to do is sit down, relax, turn on your new TV and enjoy it!

Our absolute priority is safety. So when we hang your flat-screen TV, monitor or projector to the wall it will be 100% secure. We only use top-quality TV wall mounting components; in fact, we make sure that all of our fixings are over-engineered for the load they are supporting.  So you can be certain that your TV is not going anywhere! Worried about the type of wall you have? Don’t be!  We can securely mount TVs to all kinds of surfaces including solid, studded and dry-lined plasterboard walls.


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TV Wall Mounting Packages

Decisions, decisions – we know it can be hard to decide exactly what you want. For that reason, we’ve made sure that buying from T-Smart TV could not be easier.  We have separated our TV wall mounting installations into four different mounting packages; so all you need to do is make some very simple choices. What size of TV do you want? What type of bracket do you want to hold it to the wall? You can choose a fixed bracket, a tilting one or how about a full motion wall bracket that can move in a multitude of directions? You also need to think about the type of wall you’re intending to mount to and how you would like us to hide the cables for you. These could be managed within trunking or they could be routed behind the wall or chased into the brickwork. For more information on the packages available please visit the following pages.

Basic                      Advanced                            Premium                             Ultimate

Sometimes in order to have your TV exactly where you need it, extra-long HDMI cables may be required. No problem, these can be bought when your TV is being installed. And you’ll find they’re much cheaper than they would be if you bought them somewhere in Bexhill!  T-Smart TV always aims to bring you both quality and value!

TV set up service Wow, TVs are so much more complicated these days aren’t they? Sure, the end result is worth it, but back in the old days it would have taken you about 10 minutes from bringing your TV home from the shop to having it set up and fully operational.  Now there is so much more to do! The first thing is actually getting the TV connected to the stand – which given the size of some TVs is far from simple! Then you’ve got to connect an aerial or satellite dish, tune it in and connect the Audio Visual equipment such as a Sky box, a DVD or Blu-ray player. And that’s before you even start thinking about surround sound, complex configuration issues, connecting the TV to the internet and trying to stream on-demand programmes and internet based content from apps like the BBC iPlayer. Even if you’re reasonably competent at this sort of thing – it can all be highly nerve-racking! Half way through you realise you don’t have the right cables or you finish the job and you still can’t get the thing to tune! It’s just not worth the hassle. For a small fee of £62.50+VAT, T-Smart TV can come and sort it all out. Our fee gives you an hour of our expert time.

Soundbar and Surround Sound Installation

Are you just not happy with the sound quality of your TV? Maybe you find yourself straining to hear it – or it all just sounds a bit muffled? T-Smart TV can sort it out.  Whatever your ideal solution is, we can supply and fit it. Often a soundbar or wireless sound system will make an enormous difference to your listening experience – you could try the Sonos system for example, which is perfect when the space in your room is a bit tight – or when you don’t want to see unsightly wiring. Want something even more superior? How about the 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system? This should give you the ultimate sound submersive experience where you don’t just feel as if you’re watching the film – you feel as if you’re in the film!Extra TV points

OK, I want my new TV in a room which doesn’t currently have a working TV aerial or satellite point, is that possible? Of course it is! T-Smart TV fitters can easily install new TV points and bring any extra Ethernet or internet cables which might be required for the Smart TV functions. We are also specialists in multi-room AV systems. So if you want to send a HDMI signal all around your house, that’s no problem. A Sky box can be accessible and controllable in any room you choose.

Don’t be stupid – be Smart! Now is the time to get the TV you really deserve, so contact T-Smart TV right now to get a professional TV fitter to install your new TV in Bexhill today