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TV Wall Mounting Installations in Brighton

Are you thinking of changing your TV?  T-Smart TV can help! We are an expert team who can efficiently install a TV for you in Brighton and any of the neighbouring areas in Sussex and Kent. Our particular speciality is outstanding high quality wall-mounted TVs. You will be amazed at the difference a wall-mounted TV will make to your home, and whether your house is modern or period, it will definitely enhance your viewing experience. You can choose from High Definition (HD), 3D, 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) to get the very best in crystal clear definition. We have many satisfied customers in Brighton, who can confirm that T-Smart TV will give you the best service around.Our T-Smart TV installers and fitters are all carefully trained by us. We are polite and professional from the very first moment you contact us – we’ll deal with your query straight away, and arrange a visit at a time to suit you.  You can contact us by email or phone and we look forward to talking you through your wall-mounted TV options. All of our fitters are clean and punctual and once the job is finished, we’ll tidy up properly and take away all the packaging and mess ensuring we leave your home spotless.  All of our employees carry dust-sheets in their vans, so we can make sure your carpets are well protected. We’ll move anything fragile if necessary – and every T-Smart TV installer always brings a hoover and cleaning products with them. Once we’ve left, you will have the pleasure of putting your feet up and watching your new high quality wall-mounted TV!

Rest assured, that at T-Smart TV, we take the safety of you and your family very seriously. There is no danger of your TV coming loose from the wall as we always over-engineer the fixings we use so that whatever type of wall you have, your new TV, flat-screen, monitor or projector will be firmly attached.  We can safely mount TV sets onto many different kinds of wall, including studded, solid and dry-lined plasterboard. And because everything we use is always of the very highest quality, you can be certain that your new TV will both look good and be totally secure.


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TV Wall Mounting Packages

Buying a new TV should be a total pleasure not a total pain. And at T-Smart TV we make sure that it is!  To make it easy for you, we’ve divided our TV wall mounting installations into four different packages. The first and probably most crucial decision is to think about how big you want your new TV to be. Then you’ll need to consider the type of bracket you would like. There are a few options here as you can have a fixed, tilting or a full motion wall bracket that can move in a multitude of directions, depending on the position of your new TV and the type of wall. Nobody wants ugly wires dangling down, so we’ll hide them! There are lots of options here – we can put them inside some trunking or route them behind the wall. We can even chase them into the brickwork so they are totally invisible. For more information on the different packages available in Brighton please visit the following pages.

Basic                      Advanced                            Premium                             Ultimate

If extra-long HDMI cables are needed in order to install your TV then that isn’t a problem, we can supply them. And you’ll find we charge you a lot less than the electrical suppliers in Brighton do!

TV set up service Maybe you’re wondering why you need T-Smart TV to set up your TV for you? After all, we can all remember our parents bringing home a new TV – they just took it out of the box, plugged it in and after a bit of fiddling around it was good to go.  The fact is that TVs these days are so much more complex – they are more like computers than the televisions of old. Many of us want to connect the TV to the internet on demand and stream our programmes from services like the BBC iPlayer. We also want to connect up Audio Visual (AV) equipment such as a Sky box or a DVD/Blu-ray player not to mention sophisticated surround sound equipment.  For a modest fee of just £62.50+VAT, T-Smart TV will expertly configure all of this for you – and we won’t leave until it’s working perfectly! Imagine the pleasure of letting our trained installers sort it all out– as well as securing your new TV to its stand and fixing any new aerials or satellite dishes that are required. From tuning in your new TV to more complex operations, we’ll do the lot! Our fee allows for an hour of our skilled labour – which is usually more than enough time. Soundbar and Surround Sound Installation Of course, with a brand new TV you don’t just want it to look good, you want it to sound good too. T-Smart TV can give you the very best listening experience possible. If you want a bit more oomph from your sound, then check out the new top quality soundbar and wireless sound set ups. We can thoroughly recommend the Sonos wireless home audio system. This is perfect in rooms where a physical connection to the TV won’t be feasible or perhaps you don’t like the look of the extra speaker wiring. Or maybe you just want to be at the cutting edge of home audio! For the ultimate in submersive sound experiences, T-Smart TV can install a state-of-the-art 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. Welcome to your own home cinema!!Extra TV points

No TV aerial or satellite point? No problem.  T-Smart TV will install a brand new one! If you need new Ethernet or internet cables, then we’ll supply those too. We are also experts in multi-room AV systems should you need to distribute a HDMI signal around the house so that it’s accessible and controllable in other rooms – for example with a Sky box.

Don’t be daft, be T-Smart! Get a T-Smart TV professional installer to install your TV in Brighton, today.