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TV Wall Mounting Installations In Rye

If you are considering a wall-mounted TV for your home then look no further, you’ve come to the right place: T-Smart TV! Our professional team of fitters work in Rye and all the neighbouring areas in Sussex and Kent. High quality, wall-mounted TVs are our particular area of expertise and whether you are looking for a TV for your kitchen, sitting room or bedroom a high quality wall-mounted TV will definitely enhance your life. We fit and supply High Definition (HD), 3D, 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) TVs to give you the very best in crystal clear definition. Our many satisfied customers in Rye can testify that the team at T-Smart TV give you the best service around.

Everyone at T-Smart TV is trained to a very high level. You will find us efficient and professional from the first moment you contact us. Call or email us today, and we’ll be happy to talk you through all your wall-mounted TV options. We always arrive on time and once the job is finished, we’ll tidy up properly and take away all the boxes ensuring we leave your home neat and clean.  All T-Smart TV installers bring dust-sheets, a hoover and cleaning products with them in their vans, so your home will be well protected while we carry out the work. Imagine, at the end of a hard day’s work you can put your feet up, relax and watch a film or sport on your new high quality wall-mounted TV!

The safety of you and your family is important to us at T-Smart TV.  The fixings we use to secure your new TV to the wall are always top quality so there is no possibility of your TV coming loose.  A wall-mounted TV will be both a pleasure to watch – and give you more floor space and we can safely fix your new TV, flat-screen, monitor or projector onto many different kinds of wall, including studded, solid and dry-lined plasterboard


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TV Wall Mounting Packages

If you are a bit confused by all the choice, then don’t be. Here at T-Smart TV we’re doing our best to make sure that buying a wall-mounted TV will be a pleasure rather than a pain. We’ve divided our TV wall mounting installations into four different packages. You will firstly need to consider how big you want your new TV to be. Our advice is to carefully measure the space it’s going in – and then select the biggest one you can afford – no one ever regrets buying a larger TV! Then you’ll need to consider the type of bracket you would like. It can be fixed, tilting or a full motion wall bracket that can move in a multitude of directions. There are lots of ways we can hide the wiring. We can put it inside trunking, behind the wall or even chase it into the brickwork. If you need any extra-long HDMI cables, that won’t be a problem, we can supply them at very competitive prices.

For more information on the four different packages from T-Smart TV that are available in the Rye area, please visit the following pages.

Basic                      Advanced                            Premium                             Ultimate

TV set up service T-Smart TV can take all the hassle out of setting up your new TV.  Remember the time when you just brought a TV home, plugged it in and turned it on?  Nowadays TVs are a lot more sophisticated. To start with, they need to be connected to the internet in order to stream programmes from services like Netflix or the BBC iPlayer. You may also want to connect up Audio Visual (AV) equipment such as a Sky box or a DVD/Blu-ray player not to mention cutting-edge surround sound equipment.  For a modest fee of just £62.50+VAT, T-Smart TV will expertly organise all of this for you – and our installers won’t leave your home until your high quality wall-mounted TV is working. Of course we’ll also get your new TV onto the wall and fix up any new aerials or satellite dishes that are required. From tuning in your new TV to more advanced operations, we’ll do everything! Our fee allows for an hour of our skilled labour – which is usually plenty of time. Soundbar and Surround Sound Installation Your wall-mounted TV won’t just look amazing; it will sound amazing too. If you want that little bit extra in improved sound quality, then T-Smart TV can advise you on all the latest soundbar and wireless sound systems. The Sonos wireless home audio system has had great reviews in the music press – and great feedback from our customers too. If you are looking for real top-of-the-range submersive sound, T-Smart TV can install a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. You will not believe the difference in the quality of the sound. Extra TV points

If you don’t have a TV aerial or satellite point in the room where you want your new TV, then T-Smart TV can easily put one in. New Ethernet or internet cables are available too and we can advise on multi-room AV systems. This is perfect if you want to distribute a HDMI signal around the house so that it’s accessible and controllable in other rooms – for example with a Sky box.

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