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TV Wall Mounting Installations In Seaford

Are you thinking of getting a wall mounted TV? Do you need some help installing the one you’ve already bought? T-Smart TV are the top choice for Seaford and all over Kent and Sussex. A quality TV mounted on the wall will improve any living space whether it’s a kitchen or a lounge. Your new wall mounted TV with its pin-sharp definition and crystal clear sound will be the envy of your friends – and your family will love you for it! T-Smart TV are the installation team to trust. Call us today to discuss your new High Definition (HD), 3D, 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) TV.

Whether your room is large or small, the experts at T-Smart TV can talk to you about the TV that meets your needs. At T-Smart TV we pride ourselves on being polite and prompt: call us or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you straight away. No mess, no hassle – we unpack everything and clear up afterwards. Your home will be left in the condition we found it, as all of our installation team bring a hoover and cleaning products. We put down dust sheets and move valuables –  so that the only change to your home will be your magnificent new wall mounted TV!

Our highly trained fitters spend time inspecting the wall we will be attaching your TV to, so rest assured, whether it’s a solid, studded or dry-lined plasterboard wall, your new flat-screen TV, monitor or projector will be totally secure. All of our TV wall mounting components are carefully designed to support a load much greater than that of your new TV.


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TV Wall Mounting Packages

The world of TVs can be super-confusing, so T-Smart TV are happy to help you decide which type of TV is the right one for you. Our TV wall mounted installations come in into four different packages. Have a look and think about which one would suit you best. The size of your new TV, as well as whether you want a fixed, tilting or a full motion wall bracket are all things to consider. We can help you decide how best to route the cables. These could be managed within trunking or they could be routed behind the wall or chased into the brickwork. For more information, please visit the pages below.

Basic                      Advanced                            Premium                             Ultimate

Depending on the size and position of your new TV, you may need some new extra-long HDMI cables. We can supply those at a fair price as T-Smart TV always gives you both quality and value.

TV set up service There is no point in treating yourself to a top of the range wall mounted TV if you then have the hassle of getting it all set up.  For a small fee of £62.50+VAT (which gives you a full hour of our time) T-Smart TV will do everything. This of course includes the major task of actually getting the TV connected to the stand as well as connecting an aerial or satellite dish, tuning it in, connecting the AV equipment and sorting out any DVD/Blu-ray players or Sky boxes. We’ll also connect up any new surround sound equipment and solve any configuration issues such as connecting the TV to the internet. Most of us these days want to be able to stream programmes using services like the BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube. T-Smart TV are the experts and we are here to help you!Soundbar and Surround Sound Installation And if you’re thinking of getting a new TV then why not upgrade the sound at the same time? T-Smart TV can demonstrate the difference that adding a soundbar to your TV will make – or maybe now’s the time to think about a new wireless audio set up. The Sonos sound system gives you the superb quality wireless sound. A 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system is another possibility and this state of the art technology will give you the ultimate sophisticated sound submersive experience.Extra TV points

If you need your new TV in a room which doesn’t currently have a working TV aerial or satellite point, then our T-Smart TV fitters can easily install one. We will also bring any extra Ethernet or internet cables you need. We are the specialists in multi-room AV systems so if you want to route a HDMI signal (maybe for a Sky box) round the house, we can sort that out as well.

Now is the time to get the TV you’ve always dreamed of! Now is the time to be T- Smart!