TV Brackets We Recommend

TV Brackets With Our Stamp Of Approval

As TV wall mounting professionals we deal with a huge variety of TV wall brackets which vary hugely in terms of price and quality, especially with all full motion movable brackets and brackets for medium to large TV’s. Although we admit for fixed brackets on small TV’s, buying a bracket from your local supermarket is not the end of the world and as such the following is focused around full motion wall brackets, but as professionals we will only ever supply high quality TV mounts that we are happy to add our stamp of approval. You can rarely go wrong with any type Sanus of a B-Tech mount. All of the following have all been pre-approved by and we regularly use ourselves.

We have removed all the waffle and sales speech and in our own words described why these brackets are good. Things to check before choosing your bracket:

VESA pattern, some old flatscreens were sold beforehand but this is a standard most manufacturers use. It measures the distance between the fixing holes on the back of the TV set, the bracket you choose needs to be compatible with the TV. This the most important factor when choosing a bracket.

Size of the TV. Ok you can’t trust this one 100%, but it should give you an idea whether the TV is appropriate.

Weight and load. Sounds obvious but with larger screens and some of the first flat screens, there can be a substantial weight difference to other types of TV. It’s usually best to err on the side of caution and opt for the next bracket up in these situations.

Viewing locations. Remember that you are usually going to be sitting down when you watch the TV, bare this in mind when choosing a viewing angle and appropriate bracket.

Range of movement for Full Motion Brackets. If you are choosing and a full motion bracket which can be angled to where you want. Remember that not all brackets extend the same distance out. If you wish to pull the bracket out and angle at 90 degrees to the wall, the bracket would need to extend a greater distance than half the width of the TV, otherwise it will just bash into the wall and prevent you from doing so. Double armed brackets are usually best for this situation.

Full Motion TV Mounts”Approved B-Tech Full Motion Wall Brackets”Genuine brackets we use and supply with our jobs, all high quality full motion wall brackets from B-Tech.”Up to 23″”

B-TECH BT7513BT7513_2526.jpg,105

This bracket is all that is needed for small screens and won’t break the bank. Although only advertised upto 23”, we would confidently mount larger TV’s onto this mount providing the TV fixing holes on the TV allow it and maximum weight is not exceeded.

VESA compatibility 75-75, 100-100

Max weight 15kg

Extends 450mm.

“Up to 42″

B-TECH BT7515BT7515_2530.jpg,105

Suitable for medium size screens, we typically use this bracket for TV’s closer to 42” which allows the screen to be pulled further away than the Sanus MF215.

VESA compatibility 75-75, 100-100, 200-200

Max weight 25kg

Extends 525mm

“Up to 50″

BT7535_2542.jpg,105B-TECH BT7535

Perfect for TV’s between 42”-50”, the next stage up from the B-Tech BT7515 with facility to attach larger and heavier TV’s with wider VESA patterns and extends further away from the wall.

VESA compatibility 75-75, 100-100, 200-200, 300-300, 400-400

Max weight 40kg

Extends 565mm

“Up to 65″

B-BT8221_7293.jpg,105TECH BT8221

For large screens beyond the scope of the B-Tech BT7535. This mount also benefits from having a wide fixing base spreading the weight of the TV across a larger surface area. This make this mount more appropriate for large studded and dry lined walls. This TV also when folded back can sit only 37mm away from the wall giving a very slim-line appearance.

VESA compatibility 300-300 up to 600(W)-400(H). Also suitable for non VESA patterns between.

Max weight 36kg (80lbs)

Extends 560mm


“Approved Sanus Full Motion Wall Brackets”Full motion TV brackets that we use and recommend from Sanus.”Up to 27″

SF213_7767.jpg,105Sanus SF213

Similar to the B-Tech BT7513 but benefits directly from being able to fit TV’s with a slightly wider VESA pattern, Providing this fits the TV in question and the maximum weight is not exceeded we would confidently install larger TV’s on the mount.

VESA compatibility 75-75, 100-100, 200(W)-100(H)

Max weight 20kg

Extends 330mm

“Up to 39″

MF215_5188.jpg,105SANUS MF215

A perfect cost effective full motion wall brackets, this serves as a step up from the smaller B-Tech and Sanus brackets. For TV’s that need to be extended further away from the wall. We recommend the B-Tech BT7515.

VESA compatibility 75-75, 100-100, 200-200

Max weight 27.2 Kg/ 60lbs

Extends 390mm

“Up to 50″”

VMF308_8844.jpg,105SANUS VMF308

The TV is perfect for medium to large TV’s. It doesn’t extend as far away from the wall as the B-Tech equivalents but it benefits from having being extremely flat to wall when folded back and a large fixing base making it perfect for studded and drylined walls.

VESA compatibility 200(W)-100 (H), 200-200, 300-300, 400-400

Max weight 27kg

Extends 210mm

“Up to 70″

VLF525-EX_8864.jpg,105SANUS VLF 525

In terms of value for money, this bracket is almost unbeatable for large TV’s.  It has a large, wide fixing base for spreading the weight of the TV and a strong freely movable arm capable of holding large TV’s. For TV’s above 50” we will almost certainly will use this type of bracket.

VESA compatibility

300 x 200 / 300 x 300 / 300 x 400
400 x 200 / 400 x 300 / 400 x 400
500 x 200 / 500 x 300 / 500 x 400
600 x 200 / 600 x 300 / 600 x 400
700 x 200 / 700 x 300 / 700 x 400

Max weight 56kg

Extends 630mm